We take a holistic approach to Early Childhood Education. We understand that many different aspects of development need to be met for a child to be able to learn and achieve their potential. The main focus of our philosophy and curriculum is addressing a child’s social emotional development and helping them to develop a connection with nature!

We specialize in children ages 6 weeks until they leave for Kindergarten and focus on both developing a connection with nature as well as growing socially and emotionally. We teach children in our school to advocate for themselves, respect themselves and other and facilitate the development of empathy, understanding and personal responsibility.

We open at 6:00am and close at 6:30pm because we understand that Parker is a commuter town and traffic can be quite difficult, in order to decrease stress in families we offer these extended hours so that there is no rush to drop off or pick up your child. As a policy our school does not permit any immunization excemptions at all. 

Breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack are provided as part of the tuition. Our meals are delivered by a local catering service daily and are all natural including whole wheat. There are also no preservatives, added sugar, artificial dyes or flavors.

The children at The Meadows spend at least 2 hours outside daily, we are the only school that writes this into our curriculum. We have many learning centers outside and our teachers take the curriculum that they develop outside to help engage the children in different environments. If the weather is too poor to go outside then we have an indoor playroom with a gigantic hand painted two level castle complete with slide, ball pit, dragon cave and fairy garden to engage their gross motor skill and help them burn off energy!