Welcome to brightwheel! Our school is going to be using brightwheel to help with things like daily check-in, communication, and photos.

How to Create an Account

• Install the brightwheel app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

• Create a parent account and enter your parent invite code.

• By entering your invite code, your account will automatically be linked to your school & child. You can also create an account online. Visit www.mybrightwheel.com, and select sign up. 

Next Steps

• Login and make sure your contact info and your child’s info is up to date.

• If you have additional kids at this school or another school using brightwheel, you can enter additional invite codes.

• Add additional guardians to brightwheel within your child’s profile. For example, a nanny or friend who has your approval to pick up your child from school, or a grandparent that would like to see daily photos on brightwheel.

Questions? Please contact the brightwheel team at help@mybrightwheel.com or visit www.mybrightwheel.com/support.