Our infant classroom is based on the philosophy that all babies need attention and love. We utilize the practice of primary caregivers so that one teacher in the classroom is responsible for the same children every day rather than having both teachers be responsible for all of the children. This helps teachers and children create a special bond and allows parents to feel more secure leaving their children.

 As parents, we understand how difficult it can be to leave children, which is why we will always go above and beyond to accommodate any of your needs. If there is anything special that your child needs, we are happy to accommodate that even if it is just a special song that we need to learn to help them calm down. 

 We utilize a "nonrestrictive" environment for babies. This means that we do not use bouncy seats, saucers or swings. We want children to be able to learn from the environment around them and develop their gross and fine motor skills. We do this by providing the babies with as much floor time and tummy time as possible. Caregivers spend the majority of their day on the floor with the baby to help them learn about their bodies and the world around them. 

 Babies grow very quickly. We can't wait to help yours grow and develop before your eyes.

Our infant room is cloth diaper friendly and we do require full immunizations for all children in our care.