We love The Meadows and Katie. Katie is a smart business woman who knows childcare. Her teachers are phenomenal and we love the openness and community feel to the center.

We had our son at another local daycare from 12 weeks old to just over 1 and for that time we were satisfied. Our son had a rough transition to his toddler room and nothing seemed to be clicking or feeling right. I dreaded looking for a new daycare, especially when I couldn't be certain anything was "wrong" where he was.

Then I came across the website for The Meadows. As I was reading all I could think is "he would love that" "he would thrive in that sort of atmosphere" "that sounds amazing" and then finally "how is this cheaper?!"

We made the move and have been at the Meadows for just over two months now and our son is thriving. He is happier, more well rounded and learning in leaps and bounds.

Our family would recommend The Meadows to anyone.


My husband and I are in daycare heaven at The Meadows. After a bad nanny experience where one of my children was injured, seeing a teacher behave aggressively towards a toddler at one of the popular chain daycares - this place is such a breath of fresh air.  We were nervous to consider the school (for our infant and toddler) because it is so brand new, but after touring and meeting the owner, we were sold. 

Where to begin:
The teachers - they are all patient and wonderful. They provide pictures of your kids throughout the day and also send meaningful updates, instead of some generic update at the end of the day. One day, our toddler didn't seem herself, and the teacher sent a note letting us know. They spend so much time outside with the kids, and build their curriculum around what the kids are interested - not some nationwide curriculum dictated by a corporate HQ (the Meadows is locally owned/operated). 
The food - food is included in the tuition and you're not paying for garbage. The food provided is healthy and I'm amazed at some of the stuff my toddler is eating! Multiple servings of cauliflower, zucchini bread, chickpea salad, etc. They can also accommodate dietary restrictions!

Other thoughts - my toddler loves the place and doesn't want to leave half the time! The director, Freedom, is fantastic. She often lends me a hand out to the car when I've got my hands full with an infant, school bags, and a toddler on the verge of a meltdown b/c she doesn't want to wear a diaper :-) And as an added bonus, the tuition rates are lower than most other places we toured in the area! 
I could go on and on, but just go check it out for yourself. We are SO happy there!

~Pizzaro Family

“The Dynamic Duo.”

With the dynamic duo of Katie McDonald & Freedom Passarelli the sky is the limit (and then some) for learning, adventures and lots of love. Please rest assured your child will be well cared for in all aspects of their emotional and physical needs! At this center the children indeed come first! Happy growing!! ♡

— M.L.C

A testimonial from one of our parents

Thank you for all you do! My child feels so loved and secure when she is at Meadows and I’m grateful for every single one of you!


We were a little nervous putting Arya into daycare, and before coming to the Meadows she was in a different daycare. It was hard because she cried no matter what when we would drop her off and she didn't seem happy when we would pick her, almost relieved that she was leaving. The atmosphere and not going lie the rainy day room and the app, stood out to us. She cried the first couple days we left her, but not even a week she was ready to get out of our arms and go play and learn! The App helped it has been great to see her and what's going on throughout the day since work was a little farther away and made it easy for us to check on her. especially if she wasn't have a gray day or feeling the best. It makes us so happy that she is excited for school and how much she interacts more and has learned since she started!! I'm so happy we decided on the Meadows, the staff is fantastic and are always happy! I would full heartedly recommend the Meadows to everyone.

-The Davila Family

Such a wonderful place for young children to learn and grow!”

Such a wonderful place for young children to learn and grow! Indoor and Outdoor play areas so that no matter the weather the children get time to run and be kids! From a mom perspective my children get organic meals served fresh each day! (No packing lunches or snacks like some places). My children are happy and full of stories of excitement and wonder from their adventures that day. The teachers are kind, friendly, and knowledgeable! They even use an app to keep me updated throughly the day about their day! I get pictures of what they are doing and notices about what they ate, even a note that my potty training little one successfully peed in the potty! The school also has a community room for family events and activities! Can't imagine a better place for our family!

-Turner Family


The owner of this establishment is amazing she has watched my daughter multiple times. Every time she comes back with something new she learned. I want to personally thank Katie McDonald for taking great care in educating the youth in our community.

— Lake Bishop, Rhino Realty

Katie and Freedom are fantastic early childhood educators and they have put together a wonderful team of awesome teachers! They have a great hand crafted curriculum that you won't find anywhere else and their philosophy of bringing nature to every child in their care is something you're sure to love. The center is warm and cheerful and the playground is somewhere your child won't want to leave! I strongly recommend stopping by in person as words do not do this school justice!

— C.R.

My son has blossomed at this center and I owe it all to the amazing staff. The teachers are great and really care for the children. I'm so glad we found The Meadows. I recommend them to anyone I can! - The Scales Family

Amazing staff and facility!! Our daughters love going to school every day and have learned so much! Highly recommend The Meadows Early Learning Center if you are looking for a place to care for your child! - The Otto Family


Quick Background: I was a first time mom, stayed home with my son for the first year and was beyond terrified of putting my child in a daycare so that I could start my career... Needless to say, my fears came true with our OLD daycare... and I know we aren’t the only parents that have had terrible experiences.

BUT I found The Meadows and at first, it all just seemed too good to be true but we decided to take a chance because we needed our son out of the other daycare. EVERYTHING that Miss Katie had promised us, is exactly the love and care that my son is receiving (and education). The Meadows and all of the staff have literally been such a Godsend for our family. I cannot express my gratitude enough for all that they do for my family but most importantly our son. I can honestly say that I have zero fears and worries when dropping my son off everyday. He absolutely loves his teachers, has a blast with his friends and has thrived so much in just the 8-9 months that we have been going to The Meadows.

If you’re reading this, you’re a parent who wants nothing but the best for your child or children and you may have had a bad experience elsewhere or maybe you’re putting your kids in daycare for the very first time. I promise you, The Meadows will deliver on everything that they say they will do. They are not out to sell you then go behind your back and do the opposite. My son is one of the most important people in my life and I would not have endured the last 8-9 months if we weren’t receiving the absolute best care for our son. -N. Mosler