At Kiddie Academy of Parker , we believe that children thrive when they are exposed to the outdoors and
having contact with nature. To this end, children will go outside at least twice per day.

Children will have time to commune with nature and the outdoors on their own, and they will be exposed
to intentional learning also. If the weather is above 92 or less than 32 we will not go outside, the
children will do gross motor in the rainy day room or in their classrooms. Families are asked to
ensure that children are dressed for the weather at all times and have weather appropriate
clothes in their cubby for changes in weather.

We also ask that parents provide children with rain gear and outdoor weather gear, as it is
important for children to experience the outdoors in different types of weather. Children will
only be taken out of doors in inclement weather if they have the proper gear. If the NWS or local
authorities deem that it is hazardous to be outdoors for any reason, children will use the rainy
day room for gross motor.

Sunscreen will be provided for an additional fee or you can provide your own (must be labeled with first
and last name, no aerosol.).