Tuition is due for your child at the beginning of each week/month, for the entire week/month. Our tuition rates are based off of an annual cost and broken down into either 52 equal weekly payments or 12  equal  payments depending on your choice of paying weekly or monthly. 

Tuition rates will be subject to change with reasonable notice.

Payment of tuition is deducted automatically and can be set up online through or you can fill out this form and return it to us for setup.

Payments with a credit card are subject to a fee of 3% of the tuition payment.

Debit, check and ACH draft will have no fee. Tuition is considered late if it has not been received on or prior to your child’s first day of attendance. A late payment fee will be assessed to your account in the amount $50/100 if tuition is not received on time.

All tuition and fees must be paid in order to avoid an interruption in your child’s care. If tuition and fees are not paid by the
second day of the week or third day of the month, your child will not be able to attend until tuition and fees are paid. If this happens on more than one occasion, you will be asked to pay for your child’s tuition in advance of their attendance. If this happens a third time, you can be dis- enrolled from the center. If tuition and fees are not paid prior to disenrollment from the center for any reason, your account will be turned over to a collection agency.

We will make every effort to work with families to come to a satisfactory conclusion prior to sending an account to collections. Any account that is sent to collections or small claims court will automatically be assessed a fee of $100 due to the time needed for paperwork filing and processing.

A processing fee will be charged to all checks that are returned and cards that are declined for any reason. This fee is in addition to any charges that my bank may charge. If more than two checks are returned within a three month period I will be required to pay with a different method of payment.