Our Story

I have been working in preschools since 1998 and received my directors qualifications in 2000. I have always loved the connection that I had with children and families and enjoyed my abilities to mentor other teachers. My son Jack was born in 2013 and I started to see things from a different perspective, I wanted so much more for him and I realized that the changes that I so desperately wanted to implement could never happen if I was working for a corporate school. I started to brain storm the idea of opening my own school.

When my daughter Ellie was boon in 2015 I decided that now was the time. I wanted my children to have teachers that loved their jobs and were excited to come to work! I wanted more flexibility for the teachers to create and implement their own curriculum and feel like they were part of something bigger than themselves. Most of all I wanted a school that was process oriented rather than product oriented. Children need to have fun learning and be treated as individuals rather than  numbers.

The Meadows Early Learning Center was born in March of 2016 and opened in August of 2016, and every day has been a magical experience!