Musical Chores

Every Mom and Dad out there could use some help with the housework, but there are seldom any volunteers.  It’s time to make like “Tom Sawyer” and show your family how much fundoing chores can be.

Get the cleaning supplies out and assign everyone a chore or a room to clean according to age and / or skill level. (Be advised you may have to demonstrate the proper way to dust, sweep, take out the garbage, or wash a sink etc., and warn kids not to use harmful chemicals.)

Now for the fun part, put on your favorite dance music (everyone can vote) and have fun dusting, loading the dishwasher or picking up stray toys in the living room. When your kids see you bustin’ your best dance moves, they’ll want to join in on the fun too. Meet periodically in the kitchen to check things off the list, pass inspection, or have a small snack. You make even want to make a game or a contest out of it and award prizes to the best helpers. Working together shows kids the value of helping each other to get the jobs done, and strengthens family bonds. as well!



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